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Gold coin - 8 Golds

Gold coin - 8 Golds
Gold coin - 8 Golds

Mint: Austrian Mint
Purity: 900/1000 Au
Diameter (mm): 21
Weight (g): 6,45
Year: 1892 (new mintage)

Availability: N/A

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Price without VAT 9 154 CZK 373,34 EUR
Price with VAT 9 154 CZK 373,34 EUR
Buyback price 7 377 CZK 300,86 EUR

Gold coin - 8 Golds

The coin contains 900/1000 gold.

The obverse of the gold coin depicts Emperor Francis Joseph I with a laurel wreath.

The reverse shows an Austrian-Hungarian double-headed eagle.

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