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How to shop

In principle, you can purchase our goods by purchasing and placing an order through our website.

  1. Here, the goods of your choice are ordered by purchasing them in a "shopping cart". You always click on the buy icon for the relevant type of goods and the specific type of goods will appear in the shopping cart. Of course, you can continuously check it, change its content, or change the number of pieces of the goods. The contents of the shopping cart appear in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. You end the purchase by confirming the order. Here, you must already register or enter your password as our regular customer in the case of the first purchase. Within the order, the customer also determines the method of delivery, which may be as follows:
    1. Personal collection at EMS Gold Investments, s. r. o. It takes place at Bratří Čapků 1851/24, 101 00 Prague 10 - Vinohrady.
    2. By post via the Czech Post. The consignment is sent as a valuable consignment, which is always insured for the entire value of the consignment and is packed in a special security foil envelope, which has a number of security features. E.g. the sealing of the envelope does not allow the envelope to be opened and subsequently closed without damage - thermosensitive strip, the edges of the adhesive tape are provided with microperforation, the envelopes are numbered and marked with a bar code. The packaging of the shipment is not provided with any advertising printing in order to protect our clients. The price of postage is calculated at the "Method of taking over the goods" in the offer "Through the Czech Post"
  3. In terms of payment methods, there are again at least three payment options:
    1. This is a cash purchase directly in the company EMS Gold Investments, s. R. O., As opposed to taking over the required goods, after making a proper order or telephone agreement. However, this method of payment is only possible after prior telephone confirmation. For understandable reasons, we do not buy goods in stock and the goods are ordered only on the basis of demand from our clients.
    2. Another option, which is the most common and safest, is to pay a cashless transfer to our account No. 5516253001/5500, kept for payments in CZK and EUR. The account is maintained with Raiffeisenbank a.s. Praha Jalta, Václavské nám. 43.
    3. The third option is a cash deposit of funds directly at any branch of Raiffeisenbank a.s. to the above mentioned account.
    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we do not create large stocks. However, we allow clients to take goods immediately upon prior agreement. For standard shops (if the goods are in stock), collection is possible as described in point 2. We negotiate the delivery of goods with the client individually and inform him about its progress. Only in exceptional cases, lack of a specific type of goods, or problems with transport from abroad, will this period be extended. You will be immediately informed of this fact by telephone or e-mail. In this case, it is only a technical delay, while the price of the goods no longer changes, it is already fixed.

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