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Can I sell the gold back to you?

Yes, we also provide repurchases. Current redemption prices are for each product and are updated according to London Stock Exchange prices. We dare to say that we have the best purchase prices in the Czech Republic. The redemption procedure is similar to the purchase procedure. The individual steps are automated. The system guides the seller step by step.

Simply put:

Do you also provide bank safekeeping of ingots?

Yes, in cooperation with ČSOB, a.s. we can store gold or silver bars in their bank vaults. A proper custody agreement is drawn up with the client, which is sent to the client upon request. In order to improve our services, this safekeeping of any number of coins or ingots is free of charge. Upon request within 1 day, the client has his stored goods available again for collection at a pre-agreed location.

What is the difference in buying gold and silver investment bars?

Basically none. The order is processed in the same way. The pricing of silver is also based on the so-called London fixing, however, it takes place only once a day. An important fact that every investor should be aware of is that silver is not exempt from VAT in any form.

Generally speaking, the price of silver mimics the price of gold. However, this rule did not always apply. A very important indicator in the field of gold metals is the so-called Silver / Gold ratio - the so-called silver-gold ratio. At present, this ratio is about 70/1. That is, for 1 oz of gold you buy about 70 oz of silver. In the long run, however, this ratio was 15/1 for several thousand years. There is therefore a very large margin for the growth of the price of silver, even though it is currently perceived by investors primarily as an industrial metal. This assumption is heard from a number of experts and investors, not only because of the current known silver deposits, but also in terms of the fact that demand in the long run exceeds supply for this commodity.

What does the price of gold consist of?

The price of gold is formed similarly to the price of shares on the stock exchange. The final price of gold for the customer is based on the current price on the London Stock Exchange. We adjust the price in minute intervals. A premium, the so-called premium, is added to this price on the London Stock Exchange. It is a total surcharge, which includes the cost of transporting gold, its insurance, the cost of producing gold coins or ingots and a reasonable margin for traders. As a rule, the greater the weight of the ingot, the smaller the premium and vice versa. Therefore, investors can be advised to buy ingots from 1 troy ounce (31.1 g) and above. Our aim is to keep premiums as low as possible for our clients, and we follow this rule when setting prices. According to our surveys, we are the cheapest on the Czech Republic. All that remains is to use our services, or arrange a personal meeting, where we can talk about your request in a non-binding manner.

Shipping price

After adding the goods to the cart, the client has the opportunity to choose the method of delivery of the ordered goods. If the client decides to send the goods by post and chooses this offer, information on the amount of postage for the entire order will also appear. Postage is determined according to the tariff of the Czech Post.


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