Gold Bar Valcambi 20 g

Gold Bar Valcambi  20 g
Gold Bar Valcambi  20 g

Weight g: 20 g
Purity: 999,9/1000
Manufacturer: Valcambi
Country of origin: Switzerland
Metal: Au

Availability: In stock

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Price without VAT 37 102 CZK 1 469,35 EUR
Price with VAT 37 102 CZK 1 469,35 EUR
Buyback price 34 961 CZK 1 384,54 EUR

Gold Bar Valcambi 20 g

Valcambi, the leader in precious metals refining, operates one of the world's largest and most efficient integrated precious metals plants at Balerna, Switzerland.
The origins of the company date back to 1961 and a precious metals refinery built under the name Valori & Cambi.

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